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The Story of


Carrie Goff is a self-taught artist that really doesn't take herself too seriously. She took up painting as a hobby in 2016 and discovered that she couldn't stop. Since the onset of Covid-19, she chose to dabble in the world of e-commerce instead of crocheting hats and baking bread and has found it wildly entertaining and diverting. She has put her unique designs on t-shirts, bags, water bottles and mugs and has more ideas than she has time to implement them.

Now that I am tired of speaking in the third person, please feel free to browse my Etsy Shop. I am working to make this website my fulltime shop, but until I do, it will serve as a landing page and blog. Please sign up to receive my blogs via email. Trust me, they do not come very often. 

Also, this website is a work in progress. If you discover something that is not working, please feel free to email me: I always am open to new ideas for more products!

Thank you and welcome to my world of design!